Luxury Customized Chess Set by Ferrari

Thinking of offering a customized chess set to your customers? Check this one made by Ferrari.

This promotional product is made from wood, covered with carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. All chess pieces are wooden too and made in red and black tones. The set also comes with 32 pieces of the same colours to play draughts. Glorious chess set is perfectly customized with the enamelled metal icon of Ferrari’s “prancing horse” and can become a great marketing gift.

Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari -
Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari –

 Why customized chess set is a brilliant idea?

If you are looking for a high-end and VIP gift, then a customized chess set would perfectly meet your requirements. Being a classic item, it always stays trendy and never becomes unpopular. Chess combines art, game and sport. A customized chess set will enable you to offer an intelligent gift, which represents luxury and wealth.

Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari -
Wooden Chess Set with Case –

How can you customize your promotional gift and make it high-end?

At the Ferrari’s online gift shop, we have spotted a big variety of trendy desktop accessories. They all have elegant design, style and give you the luxury feeling. All items are branded with the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front.

wooden chess case -
wooden chess case –

In order to make a luxury and high end gift, you should give preference to the materials with high quality. In this case, the chess set has a great combination of materials – wood covered with carbon fiber for the chess board, varnished wood and velvet for chess pieces. Besides the materials, pay your attention on the little, yet significant details – such as symbol or logo of the company. Enameled metal icon looks stunning. For your promotional campaign you can customize the colours of the set – choose the ones that match your company style. Ferrari is using their tricolour and in combination with the iconic prancing horse it makes this brand absolutely recognizable.

Wood Chest sets -
Wood Chest sets –


Wooden Boxes as Promotional Gifts

Looking for a deluxe corporate gifts for your promotional campaign? Then you should look into these wooden boxes. Wooden products have a high perceived value. It is stylish and definitely appealing.

Wooden Boxes –
Wooden Boxes –

By rewarding customers with promotional gifts, it helps companies to increase sales as well as building positive brand image. Unforgettable promos create deep impressions like these. Awareness will be etched in customers mind and they will be grateful to receive.  What we like about this promotional item is that it has large surface area to put your logo on.

Why wooden boxes?

With wooden boxes, you can have unique features such as engraved logos, painted lettering and vintage labels. It is highly customizable. Each piece of wood has a unique pattern. This makes the product special because there is no duplicate of it.

The versatility of wooden boxes has made them one of the most popular promotional products. You can customize them into different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Customers can place them in any room in the house for practical uses or as decoration.

There are many type of woods such as teak, mahogany and ebony and so on. Different type of wood gives different texture. We can even customize the finishing of the product whether to keep its original vibe or making it shiny using lacquer. Finishing touch is important in creating the impression as to how luxurious these wooden boxes are.

How to keep the production cost low?

In order to keep to lower budget, you can use ply wood or compressed wood chip. Cover it with wood veneer to give a higher perceived value from the texture. Finishing using lacquer can still be done on these wood. So, what are you waiting for? Use these wooden boxes for your next promotional campaign!

A short summary for our Russian readers.

Англичане говорят: “У Вас не будет второго шанса произвести первое впечатление!” А ведь именно подарочная упаковка создаёт то самое первое впечатление. Нанесённая на футляр надпись или логотип Вашей компании гарантированно подчеркнёт индивидуальность подарка.