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PlexiWood stands as a proven supplier in the Point-of-Purchase / Point-of-Sale (POP/POS) industry today for Retail Merchandisers, Product and Display Manufacturers & Distributors and Designers.

We offer and manufacturer a full range of custom retail store displays and fixtures, including custom acrylic & wood counter top displays, ballot boxes, brand signage, cosmetic displays, lead-generation boxes, point-of-purchase displays, pet product displays, plexi food displays, slatwall shelves and bins, and many more.

Heavytools Wood Display Stand - PlexiWood.com
Heavytools Wood Display Stand – PlexiWood.com


Diverse Fabrication Capabilities
Acrylic Hand Fabrication, Wood and Metal Fabrication, Vinyl Fabrication, Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding, Custom Profile Extrusions, CNC and Laser Cutting/Engraving, Machine Edge Finishing, Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating, Hardware Insertion, Stamping, Punching.

Rapid Turnaround
Need your product quickly? Not a problem. We have multiple fabrication facilities in our factory in Shenzhen,China (overseas alternative with competitive pricing, quicker lead-times and lower shipping costs).

Prototyping Services
We prototype your custom Point-of-Purchase or Retail Display prior to the production run.

Display Design Services
Need to design a custom display? Our team designs your display based upon your specifications in house.

Secure and Reliable Packaging & Shipping
PlexiWood factory consistently invests in state of the art packaging equipment.

Drop and Blind Shipping Services
PlexiWood offers many direct shipping options for our customers.

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Bottle Glorifier

A bottle glorifier is a display that is designed to fit on a bottle, typically with a cut-out area to hold the bottle in position.

Bottle Glorifier

Bottle glorifiers can be made of acrylic, wood, stainless steel, plastic, or polyresin. New lighting technology brings LED and electroluminescent illumination options to the display.Most bottle glorifiers are illuminated with LED or fluorescent lighting elements. The units can be powered via AC current or by using DC (batteries) although batteries have a short shelf life when illuminating bottle glorifiers. Other options such as rechargeable batteries are available.

Champagne Glorifiers



Glorifiers are used to present products and goods at the point of sale – for example in shop windows, showcases, sales counters and other presentation areas. Especially when it comes to the presentation of bottles or drinks, glorifiers have proven their worth at the point of sale. A glorifier represents the perfect platform to set your products in scene with almost unlimited possibilities regarding size, shape and material of the glorifier.

Rotating Champagne Glorifier – PlexiWood.com
Champagne Display Stand - PlexiWood.com
Champagne Display Stand – PlexiWood.com


Eye-catching glorifiers can be made of plastic, acrylic, wood, cardboard or a combination of different materials. The decision about the material is mostly dependant on the product that has to be carried by the glorifier. Heavy products require resistant materials like acrylic or wood, lighter products can also be placed on glorifiers made of carton or cardboard. Not only the weight of the product but also the time period the glorifier stays at the point of sale should be considered when choosing the material.

Champagne Glorifier – PlexiWood.com
Metal Champagne Glorifier - PlexiWood.com
Metal Champagne Glorifier – PlexiWood.com
Champagne Display Shelf - PlexiWood.com
Champagne Display Shelf – PlexiWood.com

Plan your next glorifier together with PlexiWood – your partner for promotional product presentation at the point of sale. Do you have any questions about our products or services? Then call us or contac us via e-mail – a member of our service team will get back to you right away!


Ever Rich launches Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Asia first

Bacardi Global Travel Retail has launched the new Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Taipei at Ever Rich Duty Free – the first retailer in Asian travel retail to feature the handcrafted range.

Prominently positioned in Ever Rich’s Arrivals and Departures stores at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport, the launch is supported by a two-phase promotional campaign which runs between September and December.

The campaign is designed for maximum visibility with an Aberfeldy branded bar as its centrepiece, bringing to life the story behind the brand and its “˜Gold in the Water’ heritage. The Pitilie Burn – the water source of the Aberfeldy distillery – is said to be known locally for its purity and rich deposits of gold and minerals. Several POS props are used to reflect this heritage, including antique-style gold weighing scales, a gold panning tray and gold coins.

Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bottle Glorifier - PlexiWood.com
Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bottle Glorifier – PlexiWood.com

The drinking ritual for Aberfeldy calls for a drop of water added to the whisky to open up the dram, according to Bacardi. To boost engagement at the bar, trained bar staff use elaborate pipettes to transfer drops of water, bottled from the Pitilie Burn, to the glass during sampling.

Bacardi Global Travel Retail Managing Director Mike Birch commented: “The malt whisky category is growing as global travellers look to experience Scotch whisky more deeply and increase their repertoire. Our research shows single malt shoppers are looking to purchase new and different malts to add to their range. This trend of new experimentation and discovery will accelerate with pace, with aged products being especially valued.

“Using perhaps the biggest piece of malt whisky insights in recent years, Bacardi is releasing a selection of aged malt whiskies into global travel retail, in most instances exclusively. We call them “˜Discovery Malts’ [as they create] new news and incremental sales opportunities with current malt shoppers. Aberfeldy is one of these discovery malts and a most exciting innovation within our strategy for travel retail. The vibrancy in this retail environment, led by retailers such as Ever Rich, allows us to bring to life our unique brand story of “˜Gold in the Water’ and sample the great tasting Aberfeldy single malt as we are doing here in Taipei.”

The Aberfeldy range comprises three age statements: Aberfeldy 12yo, 21yo and the travel retail exclusive 18yo. The striking new packaging and bottle design prominently display the Royal Warrant, held by John Dewar & Sons since 1893. It claims to be the only Scotch whisky distiller to continuously hold a Royal Warrant since the time of Queen Victoria, supplying the royal household for more than 120 years.

Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bottle Display - PlexiWood.com
Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Bottle Display – PlexiWood.com

If you would like to learn more about what GlowDisplay’s display division can do for your brand, click here.

Shenzhen Glow Display Co.,Ltd founded in 2006, offers custom display manufacturing services, and is a top manufacturer of bottle glorifier, ice bucket, bar sign, LED sign, light box, menu holder, service tray, light box and some other custom display. To learn more about GlowDisplay, please visit our website at GlowDisplay.com

VinExpo 2012 – Glengoyne Wood Bottle Glorifiers

Walking through the different booths during the VinExpo we found these amazing wood packaging from Glengoyne.

Glengoyne Wood Bottle Glorifier – PlexiWood.com
Glengoyne Wood Bottle Glorifier – PlexiWood.com

These wood stands really glorified the 3 whiskey bottles but the most impressive product, for us, was this wood packaging. People will probably never forget it.

Glengoyne Wood Packaging Box – PlexiWood.com
Glengoyne Wood Packaging Box – PlexiWood.com

We’ve found a lot of very interesting products during this trade show, anticipate our upcoming posts!

Hong Kong Lighting Fair: Eco-friendly lamp

Following our previous blog post about Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2012 and the fireless candles, we have also spotted another one-of-a-kind interesting product at the same event. Introducing to you, the Eco-friendly lamp!

Eco-friendly lamp - PlexiWood.com
Eco-friendly lamp – PlexiWood.com

This item can be what you call; when technology meets nature. The basis of the lamp is fixed – there is a lightbulb, stand and, for some, a lamp shade.

The aspect that makes this product so special is that a part of it is made up of wood. The range of wood varies from mango wood to teak and even wax branches. Our favourite design would be the driftwood lamp, the center lamp as seen in the image, because it resembles a hand reaching out to one.

This is a great gift for environmentalists as it does not harm the earth and has a piece of nature incorporated into it. Are you aware that you can make cardboard into furniture as well?

It is also of perfect timing to import these eco-friendly products in preparation for National Tree Week on 27th of November. If you are out of ideas for eco-friendly products for the event, please feel free to email us sales@plexiwood.com

Wood Caddy for Beer Companies

Always craving for unique promotional ideas? Then this Wood Caddy is just right for your company. An excellentpromo gift for any beer brands or other related businesses.

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Surprise or reward your loyal customers with this as a GWP or On-Pack Gift. Durable and suitable for long term usage,  this Caddy is perfect for distributions to pubs and restaurants as well.

Cerveza Tecate wood caddy - PlexiWood.com
Cerveza Tecate wood caddy – PlexiWood.com

Look at how the Mexican beer brand Tecate showcase its brand on the caddy.  Even when it is used with other beers brands, the printed brand can provide free advertising when carried around. Great for marketing and brand promotion!

Luxury Customized Chess Set by Ferrari

Thinking of offering a customized chess set to your customers? Check this one made by Ferrari.

This promotional product is made from wood, covered with carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. All chess pieces are wooden too and made in red and black tones. The set also comes with 32 pieces of the same colours to play draughts. Glorious chess set is perfectly customized with the enamelled metal icon of Ferrari’s “prancing horse” and can become a great marketing gift.

Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari - PlexiWood.com
Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari – PlexiWood.com

 Why customized chess set is a brilliant idea?

If you are looking for a high-end and VIP gift, then a customized chess set would perfectly meet your requirements. Being a classic item, it always stays trendy and never becomes unpopular. Chess combines art, game and sport. A customized chess set will enable you to offer an intelligent gift, which represents luxury and wealth.

Luxury customized chess set by Ferrari - PlexiWood.com
Wooden Chess Set with Case – PlexiWood.com

How can you customize your promotional gift and make it high-end?

At the Ferrari’s online gift shop, we have spotted a big variety of trendy desktop accessories. They all have elegant design, style and give you the luxury feeling. All items are branded with the enamelled metal Ferrari shield on the front.

wooden chess case - PlexiWood.com
wooden chess case – PlexiWood.com

In order to make a luxury and high end gift, you should give preference to the materials with high quality. In this case, the chess set has a great combination of materials – wood covered with carbon fiber for the chess board, varnished wood and velvet for chess pieces. Besides the materials, pay your attention on the little, yet significant details – such as symbol or logo of the company. Enameled metal icon looks stunning. For your promotional campaign you can customize the colours of the set – choose the ones that match your company style. Ferrari is using their tricolour and in combination with the iconic prancing horse it makes this brand absolutely recognizable.

Wood Chest sets - PlexiWood.com
Wood Chest sets – PlexiWood.com