LED Signs & LightBoxes

Light Up Your Message for the Crowd! Enhance visibility like never before with exclusive light boxes and custom designed LED signs. Our portfolio encompasses unique LED signs and special light boxes that do justice to your business and make your brand stand out from the crowd. Market with an edge and take advantage of our customized items made with metal, plastic and composite materials combined with LED light.

LED Signs

The competitive advantage of LED lighting is that it is way more economic than normal lighting and also the installation is easy. Our LED light Boxes give our customers a cutting edge streak in their advertising and promotional practices particularly in retail restaurants, bars and any indoor space.

If you would like to learn more about what GlowDisplay’s display division can do for your brand, click here.

Shenzhen Glow Display Co.,Ltd founded in 2006, offers custom display manufacturing services, and is a top manufacturer of bottle glorifier, ice bucket, bar sign, LED sign, light box, menu holder, service tray, light box and some other custom display. To learn more about GlowDisplay, please visit our website at GlowDisplay.com

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