Wood Displays

PlexiWood stands as a proven supplier in the Point-of-Purchase / Point-of-Sale (POP/POS) industry today for Retail Merchandisers, Product and Display Manufacturers & Distributors and Designers.

We offer and manufacturer a full range of custom retail store displays and fixtures, including custom acrylic & wood counter top displays, ballot boxes, brand signage, cosmetic displays, lead-generation boxes, point-of-purchase displays, pet product displays, plexi food displays, slatwall shelves and bins, and many more.

Heavytools Wood Display Stand - PlexiWood.com
Heavytools Wood Display Stand – PlexiWood.com


Diverse Fabrication Capabilities
Acrylic Hand Fabrication, Wood and Metal Fabrication, Vinyl Fabrication, Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding, Custom Profile Extrusions, CNC and Laser Cutting/Engraving, Machine Edge Finishing, Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating, Hardware Insertion, Stamping, Punching.

Rapid Turnaround
Need your product quickly? Not a problem. We have multiple fabrication facilities in our factory in Shenzhen,China (overseas alternative with competitive pricing, quicker lead-times and lower shipping costs).

Prototyping Services
We prototype your custom Point-of-Purchase or Retail Display prior to the production run.

Display Design Services
Need to design a custom display? Our team designs your display based upon your specifications in house.

Secure and Reliable Packaging & Shipping
PlexiWood factory consistently invests in state of the art packaging equipment.

Drop and Blind Shipping Services
PlexiWood offers many direct shipping options for our customers.

CONTACT POLYFAB AND FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HAVE PEACE OF MIND ON YOUR NEXT PROJECT. CALL +86 15207557501 OR E-MAIL YOUR REQUEST TO sales@plexiwood.com                                                                                                

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